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5000 Sq ft Hygienic Kitchen with Modern equipment's.

We maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation in the kitchen to prevent food contamination. It also includes adequate care for cooking ranges i.e. shelves, cupboard, sink, floor and the ceiling.

Hygienic Environment.

Fit and healthy employees are the foundation of every successful organization. We guarantee you that our products are fresh and traditionally prepared.

Certified by Food Department

We are certified by FSSI & Fostac and we ensure to regulate food supplies, handling of food and relevant aspects of food.

We Use Organic food supplies

We are conscious that being able to live and eat well, with clean, organic and natural ingredients can make a big difference to our well-being and our planet. That is why we are passionate about real food that love you back and sell only the highest quality organic and natural products available.

Our Moto “Quality Supplies for Good Health”

Catering doesn’t stop at a positive experience in your company restaurant or espresso bar. Catering doesn’t stop at a positive experience in your company restaurant or espresso bar. Our mission is to contribute to a better and happier life.


Our Team is certified by FSSI / Fostac to handle the kitchen most efficiently with no compromise on food safety and hygiene.

Food Hygiene and Safety Guidelines during Coronavirus Disease

VIJ is proactively taking thefollowing steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19

VIJ is responsible for

Creating awareness about Covid – 19 symptoms among food handlers/workers. Screening all the personnel entering the premises for symptoms od COVID-19 such as fever, cold, cough etc. Encouraging employees for self declaration about any illness during work/visit to the workplace

Hand Wash with Soap & water.

Hand Sanitizing on frequent Intervals

Use of Face masks, Aprons, Head gears, Caps and gloves at all times.

Restriction from the usage of personal jewellery, watches & mobile etc.